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Sandwich Panel

NTM Algeria Launches Production Of Sandwich Panels The sandwich panel or monoblock double skin cladding is a range of innovative…

Round Tube – Square-Rectangular

Round Tube - Square-Rectangular Manufacturing In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we strive to offer a wide…


NTM Algeria Launches Wheelbarrow Manufacturing This full wheel galvanized wheelbarrow is designed to transport heavy loads without straining the back…

Standard Poultry Building

Standard Poultry Building The buildings are constructed around two models that differ in ventilation mode: tunnel model or Colorado model.

Chicken Meat Building

Chicken Meat Building

Laying hens

Laying hens Our hen buildings are built for optimal animal welfare, depending on the choice of breeders to build an…

Building cattle

Bâtiment des Bovins Stabulation of dairy cow or fattening of calves, NTM built in the concern of animal welfare, all…

Duck Building

Bâtiment Des Canards NTM Algeria ensures the construction of three types of buildings related to the breeding of    ducks: hatcheries,’’ready…

Slaughterhouses Building

Bâtiment Abattoirs The slaughterhouse building Galvanized metal structure, thermal insulation based on polyurethane foam panels, finished in stainless steel.